My name is Pamela, I have been in love with Greece since I was 16 years old. While my life has taken many twists and turns I somehow landed back in Japan (Okinawa this time) finally putting my love and passion to good use making award winning Greek style cheese and yogurt on this small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

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The Story

I am not sure that when I moved to Okinawa from Greece in 2012 I imagined this would become my destiny?! I began making Greek style cheese and yogurt in my VERY small apartment when we first arrived. I used to say that it was for my children to keep them from being homesick. I finally had to admit that it was actually for my homesickness! I am the one with the crazy addiction to Greece! 

This all began as Little GREEK Kitchen® in my home, I then opened a small Greek restaurant on Ikei island in shipping containers. I began to get recognition for my cheese and yogurt and since I was unable to grow that part of my business from home I moved from Ikei to Yomitan. In Yomitan I had a very small factory inside the new restaurant and began to win awards for my cheese. However, I seem to keep outgrowing my cheese and yogurt making space, hence, the new factory/shop in Plaza House Shopping Center Okinawa city.

Unfortunately, Little GREEK Kitchen® Yomitan has closed but if you watch our social media closely we sometimes offer our good Greek food or stop by Cheesenista for some Greek wines and Cheeseboards and lots of other fun products!